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One of the most rewarding experiences no matter where you travel in the world is the food. It doesn’t matter where you go, trying new flavours, ingredients and combinations is a great way to experience local culture.

And Japan is no different. There are more top-quality restaurants in Tokyo than anywhere else in the world but it’s not all fine dining, expense and sushi.

At Yanaka Ginza Shotengai, the street food is legendary. Tuck into Menchi Katsu – friend minced meat – which is juicy and sweet and can be washed down with a cup of sake or beer.

Shotengai is one of the longest streets in Tokyo and is packed with great places to stop, browse and tuck in. It’s famous for its croquettes and well worth a visit for the food alone.

To finish off, why not enjoy a crepe. Harajuku is the best spot if you have a sweet tooth – pop into Momi & Toy’s for a fantastic finish to any street wonder – what’s not to like...