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It wouldn’t be a massive sporting event without some fun facts. We have dug around to pick out a few great little snippets about Tokyo – from culture, to food and drink and much more – take a look below so you can know what to expect. Enjoy...

1. Vending Machines

There are vending machines everywhere in Japan. With over 5 million throughout the country, you would do well to find a street that doesn’t have one. These aren’t just your everyday vending machines either, in Japan they go the extra mile. You can purchase anything from clothes to hamburgers!

2. Tokyo Tower

You might forget where you are when you see this Eiffel Tower lookalike. The Tokyo Tower was finished in 1958 and is 13 metres taller than the French monument, but because of the materials used, is only half the weight.

3. Food

Tokyo has the most three-starred Michelin restaurants of any city in the world, coming in at 14! You’ll never be stuck for choice when deciding what to eat!

4. People

There are more than 35 million people living in the Tokyo area, making it the largest metropolitan area in the world!

5. Olympic History

As well as hosting the Olympic Games in 1964, Tokyo was originally set to host the Summer Olympic Games in 1940, but the games were ultimately forfeited due to the outbreak of war, and the privilege ended up being awarded to Helsinki.  The Games were eventually cancelled due to World War II.

6. Lots of fish

The Toyosu Fish Market in the heart of Tokyo sells around $28million of fish each day. In a whole year that would be equal to $10.2bn of fish.

7. Education

Tokyo contains over 100 universities and colleges, giving it the world’s highest concentration of higher learning institutions. One-third of Japan’s university students attend school in Tokyo.

8. Trains

Japanese trains are among the world’s most punctual: their average delay is just 18 seconds.

9. Pets

In Japan there are more pets than children.

10. Chopsticks

Around 24 billion pairs of chopsticks are used in Japan each year.