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During The Olympic Games we don’t want you confusing your ‘hellos’ with your ‘goodbyes’ or for you to get puzzled by Japan’s beautiful language – we want you to be as prepared as possible when out and about exploring Tokyo.
Not only will the Japanese people appreciate it, but you will have more confidence to order an iced tea instead of a taxi! So, to help, we have put together these useful phrases for you to get your tongue around.


Greeting phrases in Japanese

Hello - Kon-nichiwa
Good morning - Ohayo Gozai-masu
Goodbye - Sayo-nara
Goodnight - Oyasumi-nasai
How are you? - Genki-deuska
I’m good/fine - Genki-desu
Please - Dozo
Sorry - Gomen-nasai


Direction phrases in Japanese

I/We want to go to… - Ni Ikitai-desu
Bar - Bar
Restaurant - Restaurant
Pharmacy - Kusuri-ya
Hospital - Byoh-in
Bank - Ginkoh
Convenience store - Kon-bini
Post Office - Yuh-bin-kyoku
Restroom/toilet - Toilet
Supermarket - Suh-pah
Airport - Kuh-Koh
Train station – Eki


Emergency phrases in Japanese

Help - Tasukete
I am lost - Mayotte-masu
Fire - Kaji
Call an ambulance - Kyu-kyu sha wo yonde-kudasai
Call the police - Keisatsu wo yonde-kudasai
Doctor - Isha
Hospital - Byohin
Pharmacy - Kusuri-ya
Embassy - Taishi-kan


Drinking phrases in Japanese

Cheers - Kan-pai
Bon appetit - Itadaki-masu
Water - Mizu
Coffee - Coffee
English tea - Kohcha
Green tea - Ryokucha
Hot tea - Atata-kai ocha
Iced tea - Tsume-tai ocha
Draft beer - Nama bih-ru
Bottled beer - Bin bih-ru
Please can I have a beer? - Beer Kudasaie
Sake - Sak
Red wine - Aka Wine
White wine - Shiro Wine
Cocktail – Cocktail


Transport phrases in Japanese

Train - Ressha
Subway - Chika-tetsu
Bus - Bus
Bullet train - Shinkansen
Flight - Flight
Ticket - Ticket
Transfer - Transfer
Reserved seat - Shitei seki
Last train - Saishu ressha
Local train - Kaku eki ressha
Express train - Kyukoh
Taxi - Taxi
Please can you call me a taxi? - Taxi wo Yonde Kudasai
One way - Kata-michi
Round-trip - Oh-fuku
Standard class - Futsuu-sha
Green car (first class) - Green-sha
Which train? - Dono ressha