Team GB took a team of seven judoka to Rio 2016 and will be aiming for a similarly competitive team at Tokyo 2020.

Judo will be a very important event at these games because it originally emerged from jujitsu as a martial art and was further developed as a competitive sport by Jigaro Kano, a Japanese educationalist, sport activist, and philosopher.

Combatants aim to either throw an opponent to the floor, subdue them with a pin, or force the opponent to submit with a choke or arm lock. In a display of physical strength and tactical positioning, the sport pits two athletes against each other in a contest to control and dictate the movements of the opponent.

Seat Map of Ticket Categories

If you want to know where certain ticket categories are for your Team GB Live package, here is a useful image of the seating map for the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020.

Please note this map is made available as a guide only, is not to scale and is an approximation of where your tickets may be located in the venue.

This map is subject to change and re-categorisation at any time at the sole discretion of the Organising Committee.