Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Judo - E

6 night package allowing you to choose ticket combinations to multiple Judo sessions

/ ATOL Protected
Price: £7,185pp
Call to Book - 0344 788 4002

6 night package allowing you to choose ticket combinations to multiple Judo sessions

ATOL Protected
Price: £7,185pp
Call to Book - 0344 788 4002

Package summary

An unbeatable package if you want to be there when the judo medals are won at Tokyo 2020.

Whether in the men’s or the women’s competition and across a variety of weight ranges, this package option will bring you eight medal ceremonies as well as a host of great one on one showdowns.


  • Official tickets
  • Return international flights
  • Hotel accommodation
  • An exclusive invitation to Team GB House
  • Return airport transfers
  • Official Team GB Live merchandise pack
  • Experienced travel reps
  • Suica Travel Card

Official Tickets

Team GB Live is the only Authorised Ticket Reseller for Tokyo 2020 in Great Britain which means our tickets are 100% guaranteed and official.

No other British operator has the right to sell tickets so our reputation as part of Team GB will ensure complete confidence in our service.
Our packages will include a variety of tickets, so you have the flexibility and choice in your packages and you’ll have the opportunity to select from a range of different ticket combinations when purchasing.

Ticket combination options can be viewed at the next stage of the booking process.

Team GB House

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Team GB House, the heartbeat of Team GB at Tokyo 2020.

You will be guaranteed an exclusive invitation to visit Team GB House during your stay – a completely new addition to our travel packages and something never available to travelling fans before.

The opportunity to rub shoulders with Team GB legends and current Olympians, soak up an incredible behind the scenes atmosphere and truly understand why Team GB is the best loved sports team in the UK.


Mixing traditional with ultramodern, from ancient temples to neon skyscrapers, Tokyo is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Explore its exotic eateries, humming nightlife, dazzling way of life, history and culture.

Tokyo 2020 will be a wonderful opportunity to discover this Asian gem at the world's greatest sporting event.

Hotel accommodation

Choosing the right hotel to go with your Tokyo 2020 package is one of the most exciting parts. Our accommodation team have selected a range of hotel options from budget to deluxe to give you the freedom to choose.

When you book with us, we do the planning and hard work for you. We've visited all our hotels to ensure they meet both your needs and expectations, providing peace of mind.

Choose from a range of our specially selected hotels at the next stage of the booking process.


Judo is a display of physical strength and tactical positioning, and pits two athletes against each other in a contest to control and dictate the movements of the opponent.

It originally emerged from jujitsu as a martial art and was further developed as a competitive sport by Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educationalist, sport activist, and philosopher. Combatants – known as judokas – aim to either throw an opponent to the floor, subdue them with a pin, or force the opponent to submit with a choke or arm lock.
Call to Book - 0344 788 4002