We are Team GB's official travel company, providing exclusive access to official Team GB ticket-inclusive packages and events

What hotels do you use?

We have selected a range of hotel properties in Tokyo for the 2020 summer games based on their location, rating and reputation. We have a mix of recognisable western and international brands, combined with some of the best Japanese domestic branded hotels.

At launch these contracted and named hotels are:

When will I receive the hotel details?

Further details will be available in your confirmation which should be sent to you within 14 days or your booking with further details. Your final itinerary and travel documents prior to your travel to Japan should have fuller details. More information on your hotel can be found here.

Are you able to secure a rate at X hotel for us?

We have carefully selected a variety of hotels for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, each one being hand picked and visited by our teams in Japan to ensure quality and location. We are sometimes able to work with a hotel of your choosing but these would be outside our normal packages and we would have to bespoke something for you which would come with additional costs. For more information please call the sale team on 0344 788 4002

Can I upgrade my room?

It may be possible to do this, depending on the hotels availability. Each of the hotels will have different rates for room upgrade. If you’d like to discuss this please call the sales team on 0344 788 4002

What is the price for an extra night’s stay?

Each hotel has different rates for extra nights stay. If you’d like to discuss this please call the sales team on 0344 788 4002

Can I extend my stay for an extra night?

If you are looking for a packages that excludes travel this is sometimes possible, please call the sales team on 0344 788 4002

Can I have details of the hotel transfers?

Not all hotels can accommodate transfers if they are not included in your package. Transfer details will be included in your final travel documentation which will be sent shortly before you travel. If you’d like any more information please call us on 0344 788 4000