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Booking Amendments 

Can I change a name on my booking?

Yes, any amendments to your booking must be submitted by the lead booker, which should include the lead bookers email address.

Is there a cost to change a name on my booking?

Yes, the table below sets out our charges and fees. Some fees can vary depending on the nature of your request.



Any changes to package (non-flight)

£25 per Party Member per change

Any Flight Amendments

£150 per Party Member per change

Novation – New booking in place of an old one

£25 per number of Party Members

These will be charged separate to the package contract and are non-refundable.

Please can you update my details with my new address?

If you would like to update your contact details, the lead booker can do this by submitting the request in writing to [email protected]

Can you update my booking with my new passport details?

Yes, if you would like to update your passport details please advise us of this by email and complete our Advance Passenger Information (API) form, that can be found here

Do I need to resubmit the form if I have a new passport?

Yes, if you would like to update your passport details please advise us of this by email and complete our Advance Passenger Information (API) form, that can be found here.

Can I extend my trip?

If, after you have received your Booking Confirmation Email, you wish to change your travel arrangements in any way, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Please note changes may not always be possible and may incur a cost.

Any request for changes must be made in writing from the lead booker, including the lead bookers email address.  

Further information on changing your booking can be found in Section 5 of our terms and conditions, View Terms and Conditions.

Can I add an additional person to our booking?

It may be possible to add an additional person to your package, however this will be subject to availability at the time of the request.

Any request for changes to your booking must be made in writing (which shall include the Lead Booker’s email address as listed on the Booking Request Acknowledgement Email) by the Lead Booker.


How do I cancel my trip?

You may cancel your package at any time prior to the start of your trip subject to the cancellation charges set out in our package terms and conditions.

A cancellation can only be accepted in writing from the Lead Booker and is only effective from the date it is received in our offices.

What are the costs involved of cancelling my trip?

Since we incur costs in cancelling you package arrangements, please note that we will retain all the non-refundable deposit already paid to us.

However, if the deposit you have paid is less than our cancellation terms, you will be required to pay the difference. This will include any other costs which we are committed to with our suppliers for your booking, as they are non-refundable before the date of cancellation.

Further details on cancellation charges are in our package terms and conditions that can be found in your booking confirmation email.

Booking Confirmation

Can you send me my booking reference?

Booking reference can be found in the subject header of your confirmation email or at the top of your booking confirmation. Please call our customer services team if you require any further assistance on 03447884000

Can you send me an itinerary for our booking?

Your final travel itinerary will be issued closer to the Games, however the individual aspects of your booking are detailed in your booking confirmation.

If you require any further information at any time, please contact us at [email protected]

When will I receive my travel documentation?

Your travel documentation will be dispatched to you no later than two weeks prior to your departure date.

Airport Transfers

Do I have a transfer to the airport?

If you have purchased a package from us that includes international flights and accommodation, then airport transfers are included in your package.

Please note if you have altered your travel in any way it may mean your transfers were removed from your package, please refer to your correspondence when making the change.

When will I receive details about transfers?

Your transfer details will be confirmed in your final itinerary.

Travel Insurance 

Can you assist me with purchasing travel insurance?

We have arranged a tailored scheme with travel insurance specialists Travelinsureplus

Japan travel advice 

Can I take medical equipment and medication to Japan?

Please advise us in writing of any medical conditions including allergies, disabilities, and if you will be travelling with any medical equipment e.g. a CPAP machine or needles, a minimum of four weeks before you travel. If you are travelling with needles in your hand luggage you will need to carry written authorisation paperwork from your doctor in case it is required as supporting evidence when you pass through security.

Please note that all medical equipment will also require an import licence called a ‘Yakkan Shoumei’.

Japan travel advice

Latest travel advice for Japan including how coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting travel and entry requirements at this time as well as safety and security and local laws and customs visit GOV.UK

Passport requirements

What are the passport requirement for entering Japan (UK Passport):


It is a legal requirement to always carry official ID on you in Japan. Whilst Japanese locals are issued with official residency cards, visitors must carry their passport at all times and are legally required to produce it upon request if asked by a police officer or officials of the Justice Ministry (such as immigration officials).

If the police ask you to show them your passport on the street and you refuse, or if you don't have it with you, you could be fined up to ¥100,000(approximately £700) as a violation of the law.

Crime levels are low in Japan, especially pickpocketing, however if your passport is lost or stolen, you should report this at a police station or Koban and must get a police report. We suggest that you take multiple photocopies of your passport with you and store them somewhere safe, preferably in a safe at your accommodation if possible and leave a copy with a friend or family member in the UK.

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. No additional period of validity beyond this is required.  For further information please visit GOV.UK