Dining out is one of Beijing’s most popular activities and greatest attractions. Top quality cuisine from all around the world can be found in the thousands of restaurants across the city.

Peking Duck

The most famous local dish that has been adopted around the world is Beijing Roast Duck (or Peking Duck). A perfectly roasted duck will have crispy skin and tender meat and will often be sliced by the chef in front of the diners – an artform in itself.

Hot Pots

Less internationally famous, but almost a cultural symbol of Beijing, are hot pots.  A winter speciality, the foundation of the dish is a steaming soup cooked in a brass pot with a funnel on top in the centre of the table.  The pot is surrounded by platters of thinly sliced meats and vegetables which you cook in the soup using chopsticks.

Street Food

Beijing’s long history has also brought a wide variety of street food to the “hutong” alleyways of the capital. Recipes dating back thousands of years can be found on the tiny stalls, from Hui, Mongolian and Manchurian ethnic flavours as well as foods that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Strange delicacies abound, such as silk worm cocoons and barbecued seahorse, but classic dishes include Jianbing, a crispy breakfast food a bit like crepes, Shouzhuabing, a savoury pastry, and every type of steamed dumpling imaginable.

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